Ei Maung

Web Developer

Author of Professional Web Developer

Author of Ubuntu: Linux for You

Author of Rockstar Developer

Managing Partner, Fairway

Teaching Web Development Courses

LL.B        Dip. CS

Live in Yangon, Myanmar


Web Developer

Professional web developer since 2006. Co-founded a software development and consultant company called Fairway Technology and currently working as Managing Partner.


Author of the book Professional Web Developer. A practical focus book that express various technologies, including web standards, HTTP, HTML5, jQuery, Ajax, PHP/MySQL, MVC, CMS, Mobile Web, Web Application Security and etc...

Author of the book Ubuntu: Linux for You. A how-to guide on Ubuntu Linux for super-user and developer, which covered topics from installtion, system configuration, desktop customization to Linux directory structure, file permissions and command line interface.

Author of the book Rockstar Developer. A book about software project management, process management and back-end architecture. Including modern development stack with NodeJS, MongoDB and ExpressJS.

Live in Yangon, Myanmar

With my dear wife and a lovely daughter.


Reach me via eimg@fairwayweb.com